watch the new season of “Just add Magic” twice.〜Mariko’s English Diary No.73〜

Yesterday “Just add Magic” 3rd season was out!!!

I was waiting for that!!!

I love this story, so I watch the 2 seasons over 20 times!!

First I started to listen to English.

It was so great for me.I watched them over and over to understand their English without scripts.

Over 4 years, I am used to English sounds.

But It’s difficult to understand the whole story without scripts.

This time I tried to understand the new story without scripts.

I understand around 60% of their English….

I will try to understand the other dramas without scripts!!

Anway, I watched the new season twice for two days!!!

It was so shocked and surprised for me.

I enjoyed!!

I will watch them over 20 times!!