My family enjoyed an Application!!!〜Mariko’s English diary No.27〜

Yesterday my co-worker told me about an application.

It’s “Keikenchi” in Japanese.

That means “Experience in the Prefectures”.

We can record the Experience in the Prefectures like:

5points : live or lived
4points : stayed
3points : visited (No stay)
2points : stood (at the Parking area or in the train)
1point : passed (by car /by train etc.)
0point : have never been

My total is 175.

I recommend this app to my family,because My family loves travelling.

Top of us is of course my dad!! (183) He have been to all Prefecture!

The second is my young brother.(179)He have lived in 4 Prefectures!!!!And He often travel!

The third is me. I often travel and sometimes go on my business.

It was so great for my family!!

Try it!!