OKONOMIYAKIお好み焼き〜OSAKA Food cultureを英語で伝える〜

Introduce you about Okonomiyaki.



It’s famous food in OSAKA.It’s like a pancake, but it’s not sweet.We often make it and eat as dinner with the family on holiday.

How to cook Okonomiyaki?


  • flour /  tenkasu /- cabbage

  • Chinese yam / – green onions

  • corn / – pork / -oyster

How to cook

1.cut vegitable in small pieces.

2.put the flour in the bowl.

3.add water little by little, and mixed them to a ball.

4.add vegitable and egg, and mixed.

  1. warm the plate.put “4” on the plate, and make circles.put porks on the batter and add the batter.

8.flip over (turn over) it, bake both side.

9.after baking, move it to the dish.put mayonaze and sauce on it.